Next Steps With Jesus


39 Lessons to Grow in Your Faith


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Table of Contents

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Unit 1: God
• What is God like?
• Does God really love me?
• How can I learn more about God?
Unit 2: Jesus
• Who is Jesus?
• What did Jesus do?
• What about Christ’s resurrection?
• What about the Second Coming?
Unit 3: Salvation
• What is salvation?
• What happens to me when I’m saved?
• How can I be sure that I am saved?
• What about baptism?
Unit 4: Holy Spirit & Bible
• What about the Holy Spirit?
• How does the Holy Spirit help me?
• How can I know religious truth?
• What’s the Bible all about?
Unit 5: Christian Growth
• What does God expect of us?
• What can I do to grow spiritually?
• How can I live a life of love?
Unit 6: Prayer
• What is prayer?
• How do you pray?

Unit 7: Temptation
• What is temptation?
• How can I fight temptation?
• What do I do when I’ve given in to temptation?
Unit 8: Christian Living
• How can I know God’s will for me?
• What about all the problems I’m having?
• How can I share my faith without turning others off?
• How can I forgive others?
• How can I properly manage my sexuality?
• How can I overcome discouragement?
• How can I best manage my conflicts with others?
Unit 9: Church
• How can attending church help me?
• What can I do for the church?
• What should the church be doing?
• What about Communion?
• How should I financially support my church?
Unit 10: The Spirit Realm
• What about Satan?
• What really happens after you die?
• What about hell?
• What does the Bible really say about angels?